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Family Tribute

Jean, we love you and miss you, but know that you are very happy and whole with our Father God at this time. We know that you were most proud of your selection as the Most Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the Texas Legislative Black Caucus in 1999 and receiving the Outstanding Texan Award from the Texas State Representative, the Honorable Harold B. Dutton, Jr. Houston-Harris County, Texas. We know the most rewarding educational experience was your completion of both the Texas A & M University Principal Academy and the Harvard University Prinicipal Academy. We know that two traits you received from our mom are your love for jewelry and your sensitivity. But most of all, you were so happy to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and so proud of your daughter, Lisa, because you once wrote that the most important contribution to our mom and society was your daughter, Lisa. Family has always meant the world to you; serving the students, parents, faculty and staff at Crawford Elementary School; and your church fellowship. We will remember all your wonderful ways and how you brought light into any room or gathering and how caring you were for other people who crossed your path in this life's journey. Your humor, friendliness and love for your family is reciprocated a thousand times over.

We love you, Jean, forever as you look down upon us and live in our hearts until we see you again.

Your loving family

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