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Christ Evangelistic Ministries- Social Work and Consultant Services

Christ Evangelistic Ministries

Consultant Services

Shirley A. Walker, MSW, LCSW

Welcome to Christ Evangelistic Ministries. I am Shirley A. Walker, licensed Clinical Social Worker by the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners. I have many years experience in mental health, health care, family service, social work education, and caregiving my beautiful mom before she went to be with our Lord. I am happy to be a resource and welcome interested persons to contact me for the following faith-based Christ-Centered consultative services:

Seminar: "God's Transforming Journey of Caregiving" for adult caregivers of aging dementia/Alzheimer's parents/in-laws/family

Topic 1: Caregivers of Aging Family, Part 1

Topic 2: Caregivers of Aging Family, Part 2

Topic 3: Understanding Cognitive Issues

Topic 4: Understanding Dementia Behaviors and Alzheimer?s Disease

Topic 5: Positive Responses to Dementia Behaviors

Topic 6: Self Care and the Caregivers Bill of Rights

Topic 7: Community Resources

Topic 8: Rewards of Caregiving/A Time of Sharing

Seminar: "Women Without Children" for women who have never given birth and reared a child

Topic 1: Beginnings

Topic 2: Misconceptions and Stereotypes

Topic 3: Environmental Stress

Topic 4: Loss and Chronic Sorrow

Topic 5: God's Work in My Life

Spirit of Hope Support Group for adult children caregiving their aging family members with dementia/Alzheimer's

For a personal and seminar reference, please feel free to contact Pastor Bob Brydon, Leander, Texas at 512-616-7000 or Pastor Mark Westerfield, Round Rock, Texas at 512-338-3408.


Shirley A. Walker, MSW, LCSW for more information

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